The price of ETH in fiat currencies (including USD) has dramatically increased, nearly doubling in the last six months. This inevitably raised concerns of MJT buyers since the increased price of ETH resulted in automatic doubling of the MJT price.

We understand and fully share those concerns regarding the increased price of ETH! To address this concern and show that we care about MJT buyers and are not trying to use this situation unfairly, we made the decision to lower the pre-sale MJT price to ETH 0,0011 in order to maintain the balance and protect the interests of existing and future MJT owners!

In layman’s terms, the MJT price in USD remains the same as it was in the very beginning of the Majato Project. This may well give our MJT purchasers even more room to increase their profits with MJT!

Truly yours,

Majato Team