The Q&A given in this FAQ is a brief summary of the information detailed in the Project’s White Paper (for complete information and details please refer to the Project’s White Paper). Capitalized terms and definitions in this FAQ are defined in the Project’s White Paper.

We welcome all opinions and are open to any ideas, advices and requests that may make the Project, our Product, the Majato Platform and the MJT Token better. All Project-related queries and communications should be sent to our official e-mail: info@majato.io

Yes, we do have the Bounty Program – a special rewards program funded from MJT Tokens specifically reserved for those who want to help us with Project implementation and evolution. Activities for which we are ready to share MJT Tokens include but are not limited to helping with publicity, marketing activities such as SMM and with other matters as the Project may require from time to time. If you would like to join our Bounty Program and help the Project grow send your queries to info@majato.io.

Simply put, the Project is aimed at creation of full-cycle cannabis products’ production and distribution business in accordance with the plan outlined in the Project’s White Paper, and creation of a unified ecosystem for the legal cannabis industry on the basis of the blockchain-based Majato Platform that unites various industry participants, with the long-term goals of creating a transparent and safe market for cannabis products and facilitating cannabis-related transactions.    

There are several equally important ultimate goals the Project plans to accomplish within its mission:

  1. creation of own production of cannabis conforming to the high quality standards established in the Project implementation, with settlements and transactions for these products made with and in MJT Tokens;
  2. creation of own distribution network for subsequent products’ distribution;
  3. creation of the blockchain-based platform (the Majato Platform) that would serve as a one-stop marketplace for selling the produced product, provide consumers access to the complete product history, and enable any independent growers and suppliers to sell their products via the Platform, on the condition such products conform to the above-mentioned quality standards;
  4. creation of a united, transparent and fully legal market for production and consumption of high-quality cannabis that would be completely autonomous and function on the basis of smart contracts governing and recording every aspect of cannabis production and distribution in the seed-to-sale format: from cultivation to quality testing to distribution to payments to actual provision to consumers;
  5. introduction to the legal cannabis industry of a unique MJT Token-based payment infrastructure alternative to the traditional payment instruments that overrides financial and regulatory barriers existing in the industry; and
  6. evolvement of conscious cannabis consumption culture as a result of the cultural and public awareness activities.  

The Project’s mission may be divided into the following main elements:

  • Creation of own cannabis and cannabis products that will be available to owners of Project’s tokents (MJT);
  • Ensuring transparency of all stages of cannabis production and distribution in the legal cannabis industry in general;
  • Creation of an autonomous blockchain-based ecosystem independent from standalone industry participants with the core principle of consumer interests protection;
  • Introduction and support of the “Gold Quality Standard” both for own cannabis and third-party cannabis;
  • Cultural and public awareness activities aimed at evolvement of conscious cannabis consumption culture.   

Detailed information on each item above can be found in the Project’s White Paper.

Firstly, we plan to create and launch the full-cycle production and distribution of cannabis in the “pilot’ jurisdiction of the State of California, U.S.A. Once the Project is ready for further expansion, we will expand it to other countries and jurisdictions where commercial cannabis activities are already legalized.

Launch of own production will allow us to produce a high-quality product that will be available to MJT Owners, introduce the uniform high standard for own and third-party cannabis and cannabis products and propagate the responsible and “intelligent” cannabis consumption principles.

Secondly, simultaneously with launch of the production branch we will develop and introduce the Ethereum-based Majato Platform, designed for uniting the legal cannabis industry and its standalone participants. User groups, such as research and scientific labs, consumers, independent sellers will have group-specific modules dedicated to providing and sharing information about cannabis and cannabis-based products, product history, quality tests results etc. This allows all consumers and other user groups registered with the Platform to get full information about cannabis products – including those produced within the Project’s scope – in the seed-to-sale format.  

Lastly, the MJT Token will become a uniform settlement instrument within the Majato Platform’s ecosystem, effectively “tokenizing” settlements. Introduction of MJT will significantly simplify and facilitate product transactions and settlements in the industry, effectively creating a closed ecosystem with legal cashless transactions for cannabis products.  

No other technology provides more advantages for creation and development of the Majato Platform than blockchain. Below we list only some of them:

  • the ability to form and track the full «product history»: from the seeds/clones used (including their origin) and Product production (including quality control) to Product packing and delivery to POS in the “seed-to-sale” format, in the process creating an unchangeable Product history without the possibility of forging it or otherwise tampering with it;
  • the consumers’ ability to track and review the Product history gives consumers the actual control over the Project implementation process and all operations with the Product carried out within the Project scope;
  • the MJT Owners’ ability to control the quality of the produced Product due to the feedback mechanism that allows discontinuing a particular Product that does not suit the consumers’ tastes;
  • ensuring safe, secure and legal purchasing and consumption of the Product by putting them on a digital, autonomous, smart-contract governed basis;
  • tokenization of the payment/transaction mechanism, providing a cash-free, secure and anonymous way of Product purchasing transactions.

Project’s functioning based on a uniform digital asset (MJT Token) provides for creation of a unique informational and technological ecosystem that unifies all stages of Product production and distribution in all Jurisdictions of the Project’s implementation. Introduction of the MJT Token serves as the ultimate solution to the mentioned problem due to simplification of the transaction mechanism applied to the purchased Product, as it utilizes a digital asset that does not have any such limitations on its purchasing and circulation.

Furthermore, due to the blockchain-based nature of the Platform and the Project every third-party producer of cannabis products the quality of which conforms to the «Gold Quality Standard» requirements developed in the course of Project implementation and approved/confirmed by the laboratories working on the Platform will be able to enter into transactions regarding its products via the Platform.

Lastly, the universal rules for working on and via the Platform applicable to all producers, use of the uniform settlement instrument (the MJT Token), transparency and reliability, as well as other advantages of the Platform determined by use of the blockchain technology will even further promote the creation of the unified ecosystem that will unite all industry participants and unify their relationships.

There are too many to discuss here – more on that in the White Paper. However one of the main differences between the Project and many others launched in the industry is that the MJT Token will grant its owners the right to receive a very particular and material product (i.e. cannabis produced or delivered underwithin the scope of the Project), all stages of production and distribution of which will be directly tied to the MJT Token and operations with it, and not in an abstract and virtual “entity” the nature and substance of which are known only to its “creators”. This is the reason for launching the actual cannabis production.

It is an interactive web platform on the Internet developed for the Project’s purposes, including its proprietary website and mobile app. The Platform will display and record, among others, the overall quantity of MJT Tokens in circulation, quantities of produced cannabis available for distribution, quantity of MJT Tokens owned by a particular MJT Owner and MJT Owner’s operations and transactions with them, the functionality allowing the MJT Owner to submit the MJT Token for settlement and other functionality.

The Platform is based on and implements the blockchain technology and smart contracts that provide autonomous, independent and transparent functioning of this ecosystem and production and distribution of cannabis in the industry in general.

The main user groups functioning on the Platform will be:

  • Operator of the Majato Platform and the Project;
  • Independent Sellers;
  • MJT Owners;
  • Auditors;
  • Laboratories; and
  • Consumers

Other industry participants (such as medical experts, etc.) will also be able to join the Platform in order to make it fully autonomous andso as to covering all the aspects of production and consumption of cannabis.