Majato smart-contracts now available

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An initial structure of smart-contracts forming the Majato Platform and making the Majato magic happen is now publicly available on our GitHub. The Majato Platform, the autonomous and self-sufficient platform

Presale MJT price halved due to ETH fluctuations

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IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM MAJATO (Dec. 14, 2017) The price of ETH in fiat currencies (including USD) has dramatically increased, nearly doubling in the last six months. This inevitably raised concerns

Majato’s online conference – December 15

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Majato, the revolutionary blockchain project tokenizing cannabis industry, announces the live online conference with its CEO Mike Tretyak!  Event will be held on December 15, 2017 at 12pm EST. Mike

Press Release – Majato Token Presale

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December 8, 2017 Here is our official press release about the upcoming MJT presale! It gives the general project overview and outlines all the presale key points. Click this link

Private placement of MJTs

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Don’t miss private placement of Majato tokens (MJTs)! Dec 4 – Dec 19 inclusive we will be accepting private placement requests for MJT tokens!  We accept private placements for 15,000+

New advisor joins Majato

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We are proud to announce that Mr. Dirk Fischer, one of the top US real estate experts with a great knowledge of various land use aspects in the U.S., has

About Majato key team members

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Please meet the key members of Majato team!   Ivan Panov (Russia) Alumni of the Lomonosov Moscow State University (law faculty), Ivan specializes in support of international investment projects, and

Majato partners with a real estate agency

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We proudly announce that we have partnered up with Fischer Realty International, Inc. real estate agency! These pros will make sure we choose the right plot for our production needs.

Cooperation with top US cannabis testing labs

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We are already in the talks with several top US cannabis testing labs regarding testing of our future product. Partnering with them will ensure our product will be up to

US businessmen become Majato’s advisors

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We are proud to announce that two prominent US-based businessmen, Mr. Ulrich Winckler and Mr. Mathias Wunderer, joined the Majato Project as advisors! Each of them has over 30 years